Only Just Ha!

He was just a man

who wanted

to be funny!

And maybe,


witty and clever

you see!


But all

he really was

was ha!


Not haha!

God forbid hahaha!


Just ha!


So he doubled down

tried his best

to find

the mix of words

that would change

his status


humor you see!


But no matter

how he tried

no matter

how much he cried

in the end

all he was

was ha!


So depression set in

his expression did falter

he felt



hopes crushed

by somebody’s

careless whim!



He though

about quitting

going back to




the latest TV series

even following

the latest gossip

about Kim!


He couldn’t sleep

was getting weak

losing weight

loss the bounce

in his gate

his hopes


ever so dim!


But somehow

he found an idea

he though

would resonate

even elevate

his status

when posted

by him!



He wrote it

honed it

crafted the tone of it

published it

anxiously waited

for the reaction

of his very small

follower faction!

Oh so slim!


How would they react?

Would they read it

take heed of it

find it likable

or just plain dim!


Minutes … nothing

hours … nothing

it seemed

dead on arrival

ignored by his masses



dead meat

just tossed

in the WordPress trash bin!



at so many

blogger whims!



In the end!

He finally

had to recognize

the cold fact

that all he

ever was

could be


would be

Was HA!

Not HaHa!

Not even HaHaHa!

And that’s no whim!

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