In A Medical Conundrum!

Ecclesiastes 3:2. … a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot …

Well, this is my ‘time to rant!’

Diagnosed bipolar but how can that be when I’ve never been in a down stage?

I must just be Polar!

Twelve medications with bad side effects?

Lithium sent me to the hospital for 4 days, in and out of consciousness, and requiring dialysis to get better.

No more uninformed doctors!

No more experimental drugs dispensed my doctor’s who generally seem to have little understanding of the drugs they prescribe!


I’ve come to the conclusion:

I’m not bipolar!

I’m just bi-Sicilian!

Can you hear the sound of

my doctor blogger followers

clicking me off?

22 thoughts on “In A Medical Conundrum!

  1. I am so happy to be here right now so I can explain this to you, as a licensed mental health professional:
    “BJT (bipolar junction transistor) is a bipolar device involving both types of charge carriers ,where as FET (field effect transistor) is a unipolar device involving only one type of charge carrier.the main difference is that BJT is current controller device and FET is voltage controller device.”
    I am thinking you might be unipolar. Don’t you love labels? They say so much about the people who create them, orderly sorts, with no personal problems. Unless, like me, you worked as one with them for thirty years, and know the emperors with no clothes.
    I trust Spock to speak to you:
    “Live long and prosper.”
    Your diagnosis doesn’t matter. You do. And your well being does too.

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    1. Well!?

      I’m retired and living a good life with my wife and family.

      I have no personal problems and absolutely no financial worries!

      I’m 77 but look 60. And I think and act younger per everybody I meet including my doctors. One who marveled, ‘How did you do it?’

      I have accomplished more,
      done more,
      had more life experiences, hired,
      led teams of from 6 to 50+
      developed over a 100 computer programs when I worked at the Department of State,
      went one-on-one against Price Waterhouse and developed a complex financial system that they said couldn’t be done!

      I don’t need a diagnosis from a subjective diagnosis from you or anyone else thank you.

      I took a Stanford-Binet IQ Test and the surprised me.

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      1. Ha, right on! I’m just a paranoid twit sometimes, no flames on either side of the aisle! You know what they say: just because you’re paranoid…. doesn’t mean they ain’t out to get you! I wouldn’t even call myself an anarchist really, just a little animal….

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      2. Well, pick a side and run with it …
        Just say I’m paranoid and go with that.
        The rest is medical jargon not fact!
        Psychiatry is subjective.

        There are no test to show that you have a chemical imbalance or whatever.

        A tumor or something that different.
        But no two doctors will come up with the same conclusion.

        In fact, psychiatrists are the people that should see a psychiatrist. And many, actually do or have to do!

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    2. This summarizes my opinion of doctor’s based on my life experiences:

      Doctors are men who prescribe medicines of which they know little, to cure diseases of which they know less, in human beings of whom they know nothing” Voltaire …

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  2. I haven’t been diagnosed with anything aside from strep throat when I was a small child….

    BUT I may fit the diagnostic criteria for autism, bipolar disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, schizophrenia, attention deficit disorder, and hypochondria! 😀 That last one is probably true….

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      1. I think “diagnosing” these issues, labelling people as mentally defective, only makes it worse. How can someone NOT be depressed about something called “major depressive disorder”….?

        As for me, I think I’m mostly Germanic, Slavic, and Siberian, with some Celtic and Cherokee. Raised by half Italians though. And we ALL come up outta Africa! 😀 Or at least our ancient ancestors did.

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      2. Maybe out of Africa … but they have, to some dismay, found ancient ‘white man’s’ bones in Africa.

        I believe that we don’t really know anything or that much about the Universe, the Milky Way, or the little insignificant rock we inhabit!

        Only 5% is known or measurable. The remaining is unknown and so far cannot be measured.

        We are made up of atoms.
        Atoms are 99.99999999997 percent empty space!

        So if we are made up of empty atoms, then how is it that we have mass!?

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      3. Not really empty yes … but what is it … at CERN they have tried to answer this question!

        They have labeled it the ‘God’ particle, even though they are mostly flaming atheists.

        As are you! Most likely?

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      4. Nope! If I had to pick a label, I’d consider myself a pantheist or animist. I see (or at least feel) the Divine in all things. Although I totally understand how I might seem like an atheist, like this snarky “skeptic” vibe or something.

        I was raised Catholic (and Italian) on my dad’s side, and this silent, subconscious, instinctive kind of Jewish on my mom’s side. No Hanukkah or Sukkot, but….this very Jewish energy. Most of my German ancestors were Ashkenazi Jews.

        Discovered Wicca, Hindu, Shinto, and various Native Faith’s throughout my teenage years. Between the ages of 19 and 21, I discovered…. Source? The Holy Spirit? Kundalini? Now I learn from all traditions, because they can all be traced back to those first atoms of Creation.

        Sorry, I can really ramble on about religion! AND science! Like I said, I’ve always wanted to be a preacher….Maybe I already am?


      5. A bit of Ashkenazi on my mother’s side and a typical arrogant Ashkenazi asked when I said I was part Jewish, ‘What part?’

        To which I happily replied with sign language and words, ‘my middle fingers!’

        Another Ashkenazi said ‘I told my daughter, ‘Never marry an Italian or a cop!’’

        I looked her in the eye and said, “I told my daughters, never, ever marry a Jew, doctor or not!”

        When I told my neighbors I have Ashkenazi genes on my mother’s side, the wife rudely asked, “Well, how much Ashkenazi are you, really?”

        Tell me!

        What’s the difference between a German Nazi wanting to know much Aryan blood you have and a ‘Germanic’ Ashkenazi asking how much Jewish blood I have.

        There is no real difference!

        Ashkenazi is a family name. The Ashkenazi family tree is the biggest family tree in the world.

        All Ashkenazi’s trace their ancestry to a 12th or 13th century Ashkenazi family group: approximately 36 people!

        Believe it or not!

        But do research and refer to the numerous DNA and genetic studies as necessary.

        I have a Torah and have read it, I know a lot about the faith, Israel, the history of European Jews and much more!

        But the people who should know, seem to know nothing. They just act like they know everything based on their birth!

        How much Ashkenazi are you? And what part!

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      6. Proud of the heritage but not proud of most of the people who represent it today!

        They act arrogant, smug, superior as if chosen by God!

        But most do not believe in God!
        They only believe in themselves!

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