I Can’t Do Anything..! I Can’t Walk!

She says that, over and over!

Well, there are blind people who shouldn’t do anything because

they can’t see!

You See!


There are the deaf!


They can’t hear! I fear!

You See!


What about Helen Keller who couldn’t hear or see!?

But, did she give up?


Somehow she found the courage to do what was considered impossible.

She changed everybody’s thinking about those who can’t hear or see.



Sit up

crawl, if need be!

Lay on your back staring at the ceiling and the wall …

If need be!

Get a notebook and draw!

Write down the thoughts in your mind!

Can your mind, not think or see?


You can do something, you know!


Do Something! Do Anything!


Do it for all the blind and the deaf who don’t hear or see!

Do it for the paraplegics who sing, write, play basketball, compete in Olympics …

For all the sick and disabled…

For the lonely, homeless, down on their luck … and the abused of all sorts!

You See!

But mostly, and I say this sincerely,

Do it for yourself!

And yes!

Please, Do It For My

Mental Health!


You See!


I maybe use this picture too much.

But I Feel It’s Appropriate!

You See!

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