A Pull At My Heartstrings!


What would life be without All the Beautiful Music?

There are three songs that particularly bring a tear to my eyes and ‘tug at my heartstrings!’


Everything Must Change!

My Funny Valentine!

Oh Danny Boy!


Somehow, they stir my deepest emotions and feelings!

Well, what follows could be tricky because of greedy lawyers and copyright laws!

But here I go!


Everything Must Change

Things Change!

We are born, live our life, get old and die!

And on a cloudy day, you know, it could possibly rain!

And the Sun, yes, it does provide sunshine!

And because my daughter, Amy Barbera, is a singer and her best song is ‘Make Me A BUTTERFLY,

I will make a great leap and say …

And ‘Butterflies, they do fly,’ you know!

(Can I be sued?)

My Funny Valentine

You make me smile.

You’re kind of arty.


When I’m with you

Well it’s like a continuous Valentine’s Day.

(Am I still safe!)

Oh Danny Boy

It’s all about death and to me ‘a spark of life or a flame put out too soon! That’s all I can really say!


Well, that’s it for what it’s worth!


Valentine’s Day

And oh yes

That boy they call Danny!

4 thoughts on “A Pull At My Heartstrings!

  1. Amy Barbera

    WOW Dad I really LOVE this so much!!! How beautiful & deep and I am so touched you mentioned my song “Make Me A Butterfly” in your beautiful poem too!!! This is so touching and inspirational!! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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