The Hand Machine Talkers!

They’re … out there! 🙀🙀🙀

On the streets

… even between sheets

In halls

… against walls

On escalators

… in elevators

In cars

… that’s bizarre


… talking

LIKE nobody’s there!


… frivolous

Down right

… insidious.

They’re not shy

… they just walk by.


Your not even there!

In their … World … of self-centered Bliss!


You can’t kiss ’em

… you don’t miss ’em.

They don’t lis ‘en

… so I say piss ’em.

They’re not zombies

… they’re human-omies.

They’re not stalkers

… they’re not even real talkers.



just the …




4 thoughts on “The Hand Machine Talkers!

  1. Amy Barbera

    WOW Dad this sure is true in today’s society! It is not good! We all need to get back to face to face real interaction!! I love the cute picture of Sebastian you are used for your blog! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank You!

      I issued a similar post about a month ago! It only had 3 likes.

      I deleted the old post and repackaged it today.

      It has received over 12 likes in just a couple of hours.

      I don’t have many followers.

      If you look at other blogs they have 100s, 1000s, even tens of thousands.

      I don’t want just followers for the sake of numbers.

      No! I want people to read and maybe like what I post.

      To me, it’s quality not quantity!


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