The New Rugs-Chach Personality Test!

You probably are familiar with the well known Ink Blot Test: otherwise known as the Rorschach Personality Test.

Your personality is supposedly determined scientifically based what you see in the ink blot.

Well, Science always moves forward to better tests.

This is the new and improved test for determining your personality type.

It’s called the Rugs-Chach Test.

You take a picture of any rug and you ‘Doodle’ away and create what you see in the rug.

Well! This is what I ‘doodled’ from my rug picture.

My personality type. That’s for me to know!

Try it.

You may like it: or maybe not!

21 thoughts on “The New Rugs-Chach Personality Test!

      1. According to the WHO, America ranks 37 in quality of health care and 38th in life expectancy!

        Other countries are catching up while in America, Big Pharma is just getting richer everyday!

        Have you ever been fired by your doctor?

        Well! I proudly have!

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      2. That’s terrible. One would expect such a ‘developed’ nation to rank larger,. Unfortunately, capitalism is god there so all hail the mighty dollar.

        Never been fired by a Dr here in Canada. We do have issues but it’s usually a matter of wait times and delays because there aren’t enough physicians to deal with the aging population. That being said, I am happy I have a Dr who is thorough and not worried about how many patients he can squeeze in in one day.


      3. That’s great! The average doctor gets an estimated $60 K from big Pharma. It’s about the drugs, procedures or referrals to other doctor’s!

        I believe Canada ranks 30 and the UK 20 or so!

        Japan and the other Western Europe rank at the top.

        I would trust a Sharma or even a Witch Doctor more than I trust an American Psychiatrist!

        Recent surveys of nuerologist in Canada, The USA and the UK

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