Do Our Politicians Really ‘Serve Man?’

My favorite TV show of the 60s was the anthology series,

The Twilight Zone.

One of my favorite Episodes, “To Serve Man,” aired in March 1962.

In this episode, a 9-foot alien from the planet, Kanamits, lands and addresses the UN telepathically.

They are offering to aid humanity advance it’s technology: end hunger, energy shortages and nuclear proliferation.

The benevolent Kanamits want only to Help Mankind!

The alien Bigfoot then departs the UN leaving a book written in the Kanamits language without any comments telepathically.

A U.S. Government cryptographer, Michael Chambers, is assigned to decipher the book. He get’s as far as deciphering the title:

To Serve Man!

But, the benevolent spirit of the Kanamits is so heart warming that soon there are Kanamits Embassies in every major city on Earth.

Things are going along so well that humans are eagerly volunteering to the travel to ‘Paradise’ on Kanamits.

The urgent need to understand the book’s full meaning is ‘put on the backburner.’

Yes! Even Mr Chambers himself volunteers to travel to Kanamits.

As Chambers climbs the stairs to enter the ship for his trip to Paradise, an aide, Patty, yells to him outside the gate:

‘Mr Chambers,

Don’t get on that ship!…

To Serve Man …….

It’s a Cookbook!’


Does this sound eerily similar to the promises, speeches and writings of most of our American politicians!

When our we ever going to fully decipher their personal Cookbook!?

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