‘Nothing Clever Here,’ You Say!

Today, you say

‘I don’t have anything clever to say.’

Why? you say.

Well that’s already been said

in a million or more ways, you say.


What if you tried to phrase it in another, somewhat different way?

Would that be clever in some slightly different way, in anyway, today?


Yesterday you said

I tried as I may

But nothing I said

was clever

in any really true way.



My creative juices

had dried up, gone KAPUT,

you say.


Well …

Tomorrow I hope

I can find something

clever to say

so I don’t

have to put this blog

to rest

for good

for sanities sake


true brotherhood.

You Say!


And By the Way …

Why do YOU always have to insert … periods and such throughout everything you say?

Any Way OR Is It Anyway?


And in Conclusion

Why do I

or anyone else


to be


any how

all the time

in every way?

.. xxx ????



have to say!

🤡 …

And even THAT has most likely been said ‘over and over’ again in This, That and A Quadrillion Ways!



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