The Undisputed Heavyweight ‘Fish Blog’ Champion of the World!

And that’s surely not me!

“You know, you don’t seem to get an awful lot of likes and comments!”

Just look at me!

Yep! You are absolutely ‘right on!’

I only have 120+ followers.

It seems very few really want to ‘follow me.’


On a clear day, I get 250 to as many as 500 visits; 200+ likes, but sadly a piddling 40+ or so comments.

But that’s good when you consider my ‘follower number.’


Well, many have 1,500, 5,000 and even well over 27,000+ followers.

And many get myriad likes and comments!

And they deserve them and they are well worth it!

But I see a post with 57 likes in less than an hour; 257 likes so far; and even 828 likes.


But of those over 1,100+ likes just one ……. lonely comment.

You mean all those people read and liked what was said but only one enough to make a comment!?

Maybe just

a 😊

a 🖕🏼

a ‘ha’ …

‘hahaha’ …

a big ‘HOORAH!?

Many a ‘Poster’ states or begs to know:

How do I increase my blog followers?

Tell me how … pretty please!


Maybe, what you should be asking is how do I get my visitors

to read

really like

maybe make a comment:

Good … Bad … and God help us UGLY!

I believe we should go for quality not quantity on our blogs!

The same holds for in our personal friendships and In Our Life!

Blah … blah … may I sincerely Say!

I hope

not too much

in an

‘Overly Arrogant’ way!

My Personal Fish Blog!

39 thoughts on “The Undisputed Heavyweight ‘Fish Blog’ Champion of the World!

  1. Many skim through the reader and hit like without really reading a person’s work. Some are truly out fishing for likes and follows so their stats rise quickly. I am grateful for those who take time to read and comment. I am also grateful I don’t have to respond to hundreds of comments a day because I am afraid I just wouldn’t have the time, unless this was the only thing I had to do day time.

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      1. Well, I have nearly 1000 followers but I follow less than two hundred. Out of the nearly 1000 who follow me, only about 50 (at any given time) like a post and about ten or less comment (on average) My guess is some don’t blog regularly, others pick and choose what they like and comment on and the rest are simply out there doing other things. I know a blogger with more than 5000 followers and each post gets about 300-400 likes and tuns of comments but, the blogger does respond and does like and comment on all the ones who like and comment on his blog. My guess is that writing is pretty much a full time job for him.

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      2. Oh, I know you aren’t.

        For me it’s about connecting. I write for myself first and if others like it then that’s great. If they don’t well that’s not a big deal.

        I also realize that people have different amounts of time to read and they all have different motives for being here.

        I come for the writing.

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      3. That’s awesome! I hope you live to see as many more years as you are ready to see.

        I do enjoy your writing. It is unique and fresh. I also like the art work you use to accompany your pieces. These are the reasons why I follow you and engage in chatter from time to time.


  2. Hey, I only have 5 followers! And one of them is….me! I do get other readers though. I don’t like a post or follow a blog unless something about it really resonates with me.

    I think a lot of people are shy, or just private, and don’t want to share their name, thoughts, or other personal information. Me personally, I’m wary of blogs that might be bots. I don’t think you’re a bot though.

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  3. Far too many of those who blog live and die by statistics. They follow the accepted advice to “like” as many posts as possible…without actually reading a single one. Their goal, it seems, is not to exchange ideas, but accumulate “likes” in return — as if that were an end in itself. A sort of tennis game. But it’s a poor game to play.

    Stay true to yourself. A post that brightens even a single person’s day or touches a single heart was well written.

    Not every reader will have sufficient words to let you know you made a connection. That does not, however, diminish the reality. ❤

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