The Person That We Become!

Why do we become the person that we become?

Why do we continue to live our lives in mundane work; doing meaningless tasks; and playing the most unrewarding games?

Forty years up early;

coffee to get moving;

driving the same routes;

doing the same tasks;

day-in day-out

until we retire and

slowly fade away!

Working without really knowing why we work?

Success? … Money? … Escape?


Well, everybody works!


And everyone also dies!

At least in this Life!


So, ask yourself every morning,

‘Why have I become the person that I have become?’


Well, the answer may reside in our imagination: an underused commodity, for many if not most!

So! Think about this!

We become the person that

We Think We Are.

So, use your imagination! 

Who do you imagine yourself becoming!?


Maybe that’s the only way to become the person we want to become!

Either that or it’s a sure-fire way to be forcefully dragged off in a straight jacket to Happy Valley!

Then you can finally say to yourself,

‘I’ve become the person I’ve become!  

I’m totally insane!’

4 thoughts on “The Person That We Become!

  1. Amy Barbera

    Dad this is Awesome! What a great message for us to stop living a mundane life and get out and be creative, have fun, inspire others and spend time with those we love the most! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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