Pass It Forward or Write It Backwards?

It’s the choice maybe each of us should make as we start each new day.

Leonardo di Vinci did both.

He sometimes scribbled in ‘mirror’ image to hide what he was thinking about.

If only our politicians would do likewise!

But he ‘passed forward’ a treasure chest for all to see and wonder at!

Quarterbacks in the NFL …

That’s a no brainer! (Like this post!)

Well, maybe not Freddy ‘Fumbles’ Flannery O’Connor.

But he was drafted ‘last in the draft’ and only was on the field for less than two minutes.

He left on a stretcher and sadly,

‘just passed!’

And yes, we all know that if you’re at the back of a queue, you have to by necessity ‘pass it forward.’

Now, I can give you more examples to make my pointless point.

But I won’t, cause I think I’ve amply made my pointless point!

So I’ll move on ‘down the road’ since this post is getting much too long for my liking.


Don’t fret!

As long as you don’t leave the bed wet!

Yes Oh!

Don’t fret, if you happen to get up

‘on the wrong side of the bed!’


Oh my God!

Did he actually write that!?


!luoS ym no ycrem evah DOG yaM

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