When ‘Today So’ Means ‘To Say!’ Damn it!

From an actual reply to a post:

That was a nice thing to ‘today so!


Is this a ‘free form’ ‘like!’

After much consideration and scratching my head or otherwise, I realized that he had typed,

That was a nice thing ‘to say!’

It was not his fault in any way.

It was just that ‘mystery spell checker/autocorrector or whatever’ just messing with his and my mind!

It happens to me all the time!

Type ‘How are you?’ and just for spite it will change to ‘Howdy to you!’

It will change’ one word into 2 or 3.

Capitalize it when you don’t want it too or maybe the other way



‘you’re a clown’ …


It’s Around!

The computer programmers who wrote the software are just messing with our minds!

Laughing hysterically!

Or is that ‘hysterectomy?’

Well, I was a Computer type for over 27 years and those clowns should be fired!

Maybe even burned at the

‘steak’ …

‘skate’ …



Life is difficult enough!

We should not have to put up with this

‘Crepes’ …

‘Crate’ …

It’s ‘CRAP!’

You see!

WordPress ……. !?

Butt Doo Ute Under the stand?

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