Today, Must Be My Sicilian Day!

Everything I’ve posted so far today has something to do with my Sicilian heritage!

This must be ‘my Sicilian day!’

That’s means you can look forward to:




North African

British 💋💋💋


Western European


God help us all

🕯x 7

My Germanic


‘Oy Vey!’


By the way …

Did you happen to notice the little Native American artifact at the beginning of this post?

19 thoughts on “Today, Must Be My Sicilian Day!

    1. Actually you are probably Italian/Greek because there was a strong Greek influence in Southern Italy and the Island.

      You see, Sicily at one time included a lot of Southern Italy.

      And if your ancestors were dark skinned, maybe even Iberian and North African genes!

      My grandparents came here after the Great Sicilian Earthquake Of 1908!

      There also was a minor quake on their wedding night.

      Hence I’m here you see!


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