Life in the ‘Slow’ Lane

Life Log: 06-14-2016: Eastern Standard Earth Time.

Tuesday clowning around … Sunshine after showers … Life in the ‘slow’ lane …

A Clown

Tiger fangs

Eating Lamb

And Blue Cheese

Tied to a tree

Pine cones

Next to a lake

Covered with flowers

Bees on the flowers

Homes On A Lake!


Exercise Your Prefrontal Cortex:

1. Don’t give up

2. Meditation (20 minutes doing nothing)

3. Read information books & comprehend

4. Healthy food and exercise.


Zumba …

Stay active and curious …

Decrease information load – know what to ignore …

Move beyond memory in favor of creative thinking!



Calm down

Keep it cool

Relax man

Vent your anger

Be at Peace

Don’t lose it

Steady as you go

Sleep well

Happy dreams



Cool It!

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