Earth Oddities (and Pluto)

Seasons And Tilt:

Earth is slightly tilted to the Right …

And Conservations everywhere shout ‘Hurrah!’

Pepper is the most popular seasoning …


Pluto Has a Heart:

But it is now broken since it is no longer considered to be a planet. It is just a sized-challenged rock!

Like most DC politicians!



Transporting fantasy, myth, or speculation into a kind of believable reality!

Again, like most DC politicians!


The Kingdoms of Life:


Like Metazoa – a major division of the animal kingdom that comprises all animals other than protozoan and sponges. They are multicellular animals with differentiated tissues.

You guessed it … like most DC …


Like flowers and mosses …


Mushrooms, yeasts, molds …


Do not belong and don’t have much in common with each other …

Like DC poli …


Algae, bacteria …



Neap tides …

Spring tides …

Regular tides …

Soap tides …

Types of Planets:

Rocky Planets – sometimes called Italianos!

Ice Giants – like my first wife …

Gas Giants – avoid if at all possible …


To Be Continued …

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