The Medium – IS – The Message

The phrase was coined by Marshall McLuhan, “Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man,” published in 1964.

The meaning being that for any message, the form of the medium embeds itself in the message it transmits or conveys.

There is, therefore, a symbolic relationship by which the medium influences how the message is perceived.

He proposed that the content of any medium is always another medium.

Speech is the content of writing …

Writing is the content of print …

A post is the content of the blog …

which is the content of the iPhone, the computer …….


The Blog Medium is the Message itself!

So if you really screw up a post …

Blame it on your blog …

Blame it on WordPress …

Blame it on your computer, iPhone, whatever!

Yes, blame it on your dear, loving Mother …

But don’t …

by God …

Blame it on Yourself!

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