What’s Your Problem?

Behavior is an expression of a problem, not the problem itself!

Find the source of the problem.

Don’t just treat the symptoms!

That is what I feel is wrong with our current healthcare system!

The emphasis seems to be:

Treat the symptoms

with drugs and procedures

because that’s where the money is!

13 thoughts on “What’s Your Problem?

      1. Oooooh!!! Okay I’m in the UK and I must say although we have our own issues within our own healthcare system, we do provide free healthcare! I can’t imagine having to pay hundreds or thousands for treatments or anything of such. It seems so inhumane!

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      2. We are like 37th in quality of healthcare.

        The UK is I think 20th.

        Doctors prescribe drugs they know little about to patients they know evenly less for diseases for which they know next to nothing!

        Voltaire loosely quoted …

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