The Hallow Universal Brain

Magnetism is the cement that holds everything in the universe together!

Pull – Push – Light – Photons – Electromagnetism (EM) …

Without EM, matter would dissolve!


Venus spins backwards because it has a weak magnetic field.

I knew it all along!

Earth’s future is Venus!


Our Moon Should Not Exist!

Isaac Asimov,
American author and professor of biochemistry at Boston University and Science Fiction writer. Asimov was one of the most prolific writers of all time.

“We cannot help but come to the conclusion that the Moon by rights ought not to be there. The fact that it is, is one of the strokes of luck almost too good to accept… Small planets, such as Earth, with weak gravitational fields, might well lack satellites… … In general then, when a planet does have satellites, those satellites are much smaller than the planet itself. Therefore, even if the Earth has a satellite, there would be every reason to suspect… that at best it would be a tiny world, perhaps 30 miles in diameter. But that is not so. Earth not only has a satellite, but it is a giant satellite, 2160 miles in diameter. How is it then, that tiny Earth has one? Amazing.”

“The Moon, which has no atmosphere and no magnetic field, is basically a freak of nature”


Why is the universe 99.9999999 percent empty space and

paradox atoms are 99.9999999999996% empty?

What’s the point really?

Why is there matter and mass if everything is basically empty space …

like my brain coming up with this post!?


Does it really matter that matter is really just empty space!?

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