Egg Surely On My Face!

To quote Albert Eggstein:

We live in GOD’s Holographic Universe in seed or egg-shaped energy fields.

It’s all about energy, vibrations, frequencies, and of course, eggs!

That is what it means to be!

That’s not philosophy!

That’s Bull-SheggT Science!

Even NASA says the Universe is in the shape of an Egg.


Things to Ponder or Poach:

The Easter Egg …

The Stone Eggs on Easter Island

The Cosmic Egg …

The Double-Helix-DNEgg Spiral …

Tall, Dark, Shadowy, Egg Man Horror Stories …

Ancient Eggien Abductions …

The Big-Egg Theory of Creation …

“The Egg And I” …….

The All-Seeing Eye of EGG …

The Unified Flying Egg (UFE) THEORY!

How can Randomness come up with DNEgg so complex that it swamps even the most complicated computer code?


We should connect to our source, unity, seed, eGG; and join our Eggcestors in the Stars!


Please DON’T Egg Him On!

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