Philosophy 001

Life Log: 04-06-2016: Eastern Standard Earth Time:

Imagination is more important than knowledge ……. Information is not knowledge … Experience is knowledge ……. Albert Einstein

With all our trivial conveniences we seem to record our life more than really living it to the fullest!

I believe that computers are becoming useless conveniences. They can only give you answers!

It’s the questions that are important! And maybe the two most important questions are ……. Why? … And Why Not?

Information … only gives us the shadow of knowledge ……. Socrates

Because of our ever increasing reliance on technology, we may have unknowingly abandoned critical thinking!


Are we now just living in a simulation of the Real World? Is ‘The Matrix‘ more than just a movie!


Yes! The Machine Should Stop Here!

And by the way. A possible ‘Meaning of Life?’

Maybe, just knowing how to handle disappointment and failure!

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