“The 5th Wave,” SyFy Review!

In a Real Nutshell!🥜🌰🥜

Cross ... Cassie

Whopping and Howling …

Fall from the sky!!

Ah, sighs, yeahs, okays,

End of the World …

Object circling Earth — “The Others!”


What’s Up –

No more power …

No more anything …

Flood water … Ohio …

Every city,

Every island … GONE!!


Quarantine …🎼🎹🎼

Sighs …….

They need Earth …

Refugee camps … Huh?

Who-ah …. 🎼🎹🎼🎸🥁 Like Al Pacino!

Boring — What more can I say!


What’s with the picture, anyhow?

Beat’s me!!!

Life Log: 05-22-2016: Middle America Earth Time:

Norm Friday of the North?

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