A Response to ‘I just Worked My Life Away!’

WOW Dad this made me cry!!!

Before I read your post this morning I was just thinking about how much a waste of time working for a company who really doesn’t care about you is and then I open your email and there your message was!

I am sitting at my desk crying now!

I have been praying to God for weeks for him to open up doors for me to have more time …

So I can spend more time with you and mom, TC, Oreo, Julie, German, Sebastian, Deangelo and my friends..

with people I love the most, minister to others without rushing, helping others and doing my inspirational music!

Your message touched me deeply and is exactly what I needed to hear!! I am so HAPPY that you got to spend amazing quality time with Deangelo!!!

That is what life is all about!! Thank you for sharing this touching message.. It has helped me so much! 🙂

I am going to share this post you put up on Facebook today too it touched me so much! 

I promise tonight when I get home I will figure out a way to get you the MP4 of my “Make Me A Butterfly” music video!

I will also be coming over to spend time with you and mom on Friday with Oreo and I have a special gift for you and for mom too and her cross as well!

We will have fun!!

I am going to pray that we can get mom to go to the park in her electric wheel chair.

I will give her a bath and wash her hair on Friday too!!!

Love you and Mom, Amy 🙂 

GOD works in strange ways!

Don’t You Think!?

12 thoughts on “A Response to ‘I just Worked My Life Away!’

  1. Amy Barbera

    WOW Dad Thank you for posting my reply! Your blog touched me deeply! I am so touched beyond words and cannot stop crying! I meant every word that I said and I am praying with all of my heart! Thank you and mom for your unconditional love and for your inspiration! You both are heros in my life!!!!! I love you both so much! 🙂

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