I Just Worked My Life Away!

I never really had time for my daughters growing up! Work you know!

But with my grandson, Deangelo, my wife, Judy, and me, we were there through all his early stages!

Crawling, falling, walking, talking … every small, wobbly step and such!

Looking back on my life accomplishments, I really gained little of real value from my work life!

I was just working to satisfy somebody else’s wants and desires!

Awards, plaques, letters of appreciation: I threw them in the trash bin when we moved from Maryland to Florida!

What was I suppose to do?

Hang them on the wall to admire fondly!

No way!

But I gained untold awards and riches from my grandsons, Sebastian and Deangelo!

13 thoughts on “I Just Worked My Life Away!

  1. Amy Barbera

    WOW Dad this made me cry!!! Before I read your post I was just thinking about how much a waste of time working for a company who really doesn’t care about you is and then I open your email and there your message was! I am sitting at my desk crying now! I have been praying to God for weeks for him to open up doors for me to have more time.. So I can spend more time with you and mom, TC, Oreo, Julie, German, Sebastian, Deangelo and my friends.. with people I love the most, minister to others without rushing, helping others and doing my inspirational music! Your message touched me deeply and is exactly what I needed to hear!! I am so HAPPY that you got to spend amazing quality time with Deangelo!!! That is what life is all about!! Thank you for sharing this touching message.. It has helped me so much!

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