A Pill For Your Ill!

Is a dollar for Big Pharma … and who else … ?

From my personal life experiences, it seems to me that:

Doctor’s no little about the drugs they prescribe …

Even, I fear, less about the patients they prescribe them to …

And little or next to nothing about the illnesses or conditions

they are prescribed for!


Doctor’s didn’t know that my wife’s bleeding and open sores for two years were caused by Vitamin ‘C’ deficiency! For multiple visits and tests, they didn’t know!

Doctor’s didn’t know that my insufficient kidney was due to the interaction of my statin drug and Tricor, a fibrate!

In this case, one doctor, finally, did know!

Doctor’s didn’t know about the negative side affects of 12 drugs I was prescribed over the years.

The last one sent me to the hospital for four days: in and out of consciousness!

I required dialysis to finally get better!

Yes! Indeed! They didn’t know!

And this is just the ‘Tip of My Iceberg!’

Just my ‘life experience’ and


And Yes!

I didn’t complete 8-years of Medical School Training!



A doctor a day … and you could, maybe, be on your way … to a hospital stay!

14 thoughts on “A Pill For Your Ill!

  1. I personally believe both vitamin C deficiency (scurvy) and vitamin D deficiency (rickets or osteomalacia) are widely underdiagnosed. Other animals produce or consume WAY more vitamin C than we do, and I don’t necessarily think we humans need nearly as much, but certainly more than we currently eat. Vitamin C deteriorates very easily in cooking and storage. And this time, Google autocorrected “underdiagnosed” to “undercoat nosed”….

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      1. I think it’s probably more than that, but just covered up by drugs and lies. Or simply misunderstanding. Chronic subclinical vitamin C deficiency, within the “normal” threshold, could lead to long-term dental problems and nerve problems. Usually blamed on something else though.

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