From Setback to Success — Inspireu2Action

Julie Barbera

The next time you face a setback, keep this vision in mind. Slow down if
you must. Keep going, and maintain a steady pace. If you’re tempted to step
off the track, pull yourself together. And above all else, do whatever it
takes to stay in the race.

What you leave behind to keep moving is just as important as what you do to
move forward. Today’s setback isn’t the end. Success is right around the
corner. Tomorrow is your chance to start again.
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14 thoughts on “From Setback to Success — Inspireu2Action

  1. Julie Barbera

    Thank you for sharing my blog post, Dad! I really appreciate your support. 😇🙏🏻 Keep up the great job with your blog. The messages and images are very creative.

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  2. Julie Barbera

    Hi Dad,

    I’m on WordPress now. Check out my site at I linked to my website via links. 😀👍 Thank you for the great advice.

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