It’s Up To You! Really!?

Preventing Message Mistakes:

Never lose sight of who you are talking to, and who is listening. How you are understood; the biases and experiences of the listeners!

Don’t assume knowledge or awareness.

Get the order right.

Consider the ‘Battle of the Sexes’

Men: more fact-oriented and statistical.

Women: respond better to stories, anecdotes and metaphors.

Men: maybe colder, more scientific, almost mathematical in approach.

Women: more personal, human and literate.

Old Words ……. New Meanings


Orwellian Doublespeak

Yes! It’s Up To You!


But times are changing:

we have multi-cultures …

changing identities …

nothing is hard-fast …

nothing is the real general rule!



It’s Up To You!


Maybe not

👉🏼 … You!

Or 👆…

👉🏼 …





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