Hhaammmmmm! A Good Night’s Rest!? Really?

Talk and blow out air, then Pam!

Talk, blabber, and blow again. Then again Pam!

Talk, blabber, jabber, blow, scream and Pam!

Talk, blabber, jabber, ‘what’s the matter,’ blow, scream, ‘kick yourself out of bed’ and Pam …

My wife thinks I have a secret girl friend named Pam!

Pam? … Pam? …

Whose Pam?

It’s just probably the way I breathe!

Hhaammmmm … Hhaammmmmmm … Hhaammmmmmmm … Damnnnnnn …

A good’s night rest?

Sleep on the couch!


If this goes on much longer?


There may eventually be a real Pam!

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