You! Please Sense the World!

The Image: A Touchy, Feely Aurora Borealis!

Sensing The World:

Name Colors – to stay focused.

Palming – cupping palms over open eyes and blinking. Relaxes eyes and mind.

The Five-Minute Challenge – cover one eye and do normal, regular things. Move slowly and with care!

Track Figure Eights – visually at 10 inches.

Zooming – focus on thumb as you zoom in and out.

Switching Focal Length – finger in front and then focus at distance.

Mirror, Mirror – look in mirror and do actions in reverse perceptions.

Red Lights – make a room more visible.

Pencil at Eye Level.

Haptic Touch – sense tactile qualities of objects.

Find Sounds – with eyes closed.

The Scent – of something new.

New Sensations – using 2 – 5 senses. Or 6 if you are that special boy!

Play Games – online; on the side; on your own; and/or on your iPhone!

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